Cyber security guidelines for Banking customers:

>> Always use your own Internet connection like Wi-Fi, Mobile Internet/Hotspot by securing it with stringent passwords. You should not use Internet using any Public domains like Railways, Bus transport, Hotels, Airports etc. for your personal use or carrying out banking transactions.

>> Before accessing Bank’s infrastructure like Mobile App or Bank’s Website, please ensure to install dedicated/genuine antivirus/ endpoint solution in your Mobile and desktop or laptop to avoid any misuse of your credentials (User ID, Password) and data.

>> Always activate Two Factor Authentication on your Mobile devices, Mobile applications, personal Emails to avoid any misuse of your data in the event of losing your Mobile phone.

>> Never use any free or third party software in your systems unless it is tested and verified for its bugs or vulnerabilities. Use of such malicious software may result into losses of your data or money.

>> Always install genuine copy of Operating Systems in your devices and shall ensure for its regular updates of new security Patches, releases and Fixes to avoid any losses due to vulnerabilities.

>> Never share your own login credentials or PIN codes to any third party. Sharing of such information, may result into major losses of data and money.

>> Always change your login credentials of Email, systems, ATM pins, Internet portal logins at least once in a quarter.

>> Always verify and monitor the incoming emails for its genuineness by checking each letters of the sender’s email ID. Sometimes the sender email ID looks genuine but if you click on reply or respond to that email, you will come to know the recipient’s email ID is different. Do not respond to such emails, which may contain malicious attachments or web links. It may ask you to enter/provide your information and can be received by the hacker.

>> Never download any attachment or click on any links given in the Emails received from unknown sender unless it is verified for its authenticity or genuineness.

>> Never share the OTP (One Time Password) with anyone while using any Mobile App or Internet Website.

>> Always use latest updated versions of Internet browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

>> Always check for latest updated versions of Bank’s Mobile App and install the same.

>> Always ensure to update the changed mobile number, email address etc. on Bank’s records to enable us to contact you quickly.

>> Never fall prey to freebies, discount offers, free subscriptions etc. which are normally received from social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Share-it etc.

>> Never click on any link received through SMS of unknown sender. It may be loaded with malicious threats or exploit which can install in your phone/desktop/laptop and may result into losses of your vital data and/or money.

>> During current lockdown period, you may receive Phishing emails from unknown sources with the matter related to Covid-9. Such emails may be malicious. Do not respond to such emails.

>> Do not install any Mobile or Desktop Application without verifying it genuineness.