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JSBL Financial Blog    30-Dec-2019
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Make in India is the way forward for the Indian Economy. Startups are mushrooming at a faster speed than mushrooms. India is focusing on becoming an economy of job givers rather than job seekers.
You have an idea, a brilliant idea, zeal to work hard, and go the extra mile; get into a business is what you should do? When you have the potential, isn’t it fantastic to work for yourself rather than for someone else! Become career builders!! Come on India; it’s time to show the world our muscle!!
These lines are highly motivating and will surely turn a few heads. Having an idea is the first and very important step, putting that idea into action is what the tough part is. Raising the required capital to start the business is the toughest of all. JANAKALYAN BANK is here to help you sort of the toughest part of raising money.
Put forth your idea, your business plan and we will happily lend you the money needed to realise your dreams.
Business loans are specifically given to budding entrepreneurs to start their business journey or to existing entrepreneurs depending on purpose such as working capital requirement, purchase of shop, office premises or for acquiring plant and machinery etc.
The various types of loans offered are:
a) Term Loans for a specific period of time. They can be long term as well as short term loans depending on the purpose for which it is taken.

b) Line of credit/Cash Credit is a revolving credit facility extended by the bank to its current account holders to help them in meeting their short term financial needs and bridge the gap between accounts receivables and accounts payable.

c) Invoice financing is a type of loan given against outstanding receivables from a particular company. The bank finance against such receivables/ invoices in the form of bills discounting.

d) Equipment financing to buy physical assets for the company. 

e) Gold loans against the ornaments owned by you. Ornaments are kept as security against the value of which the bank will tender loan to the borrower. The bank offers up to 60% to 65% of the value of your gold ornaments. 

f) Loan against shares is given against the value of demated securities acceptable to the bank. The shares are kept as security with the bank against which the bank offers an overdraft facility to the borrower. Since the value of the security i.e. shares are highly fluctuating and volatile, the bank maintains a margin of up to 50% of the value of shares.
Guarantee: Banks may ask for personal guarantees of all the partners, directors, owner of the property or third party, for loans tendered. It helps to safeguard the bank’s interest and it receives assurance about repayment in case of default by the borrower.
Repayment and interest: In these types of loans normally a repayment schedule and interest rates are decided in advance and followed. However interest rates are subject to change from time to time.