JSBL Financial Blog    12-Mar-2020

Working Capital 
When running a business one has to always be familiar with the term – Working Capital. So, let us have a look at some of the benefits which come with maintaining a healthy Working Capital.
1. UTILITY BILLS – Utility bill payments are essential while running a business. But many times, these are overlooked due to other priorities and one has to rush at the 12th hour for it. But with Working Capital such nitty-gritty details are always acknowledged.
2. SAVIOUR IN DIFFICULT TIMES – There is always a risk in running a business. Working Capital is your shield when the tides get high. It is the money you keep aside for difficult and unexpected times.
3. EASY PAYMENTS & CREDIBILITY – Clearing your invoices and other payments and returns as soon as possible helps you maintain a good credibility. It is not always possible when the cash flow is uncertain. But with Working Capital you can be sure that all your payments are done on time.
4. EMPLOYEE MORALE – Running a business is never a one-man show. And when your employees get their salaries on time their morale and enthusiasm get a huge boost. Short-term working capital loan helps you with it.
5. MONEY SAVER – Most businesses need raw material. But it can be quite expensive at times. Not when you have a healthy Working Capital because you can buy your raw material during off-season which can save you a lot of money. Hence, translating into more profit.
6. SUPPORT SYSTEM – Business expansion is a way forward. But it takes a lot of efforts and a lot of money. Working Capital works is a strength which gives you the confidence to take this big step and go beyond your limits to fulfil your dreams.
7. ACHIEVE MORE – Business is a game of opportunities and risks. There are times when there is a big opportunity staring you in face but you cannot grab it because you do not have enough machinery or staff to match the deadlines. But with Working Capital you can easily fulfil your requirements.
8. LOANS, NO WORRIES – Business means time and again you take loans from bank. But getting a loan is not an easy process. A bank checks many points to decide that you are a right candidate. With Working Capital this gets easier because it helps you pay your debts and returns on time which in turn raises your credit points. 
9. YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR RULES – A business needs investors but they don’t just give you the money, they also buy your shares which gives them an opinion about how to run things. This starts creating bottle-neck decisions. But when you have a healthy Working Capital, more often than not, you get by without investors and your business remains your own. 
10. TAXES PAYMENTS – Taxes cannot be ignored when you have a good business. But there can be times when these come up at unexpected times. With Working Capital loans, this issue is solved without turning into a problem. 
Janakalyan Bank offers Working Capital loans. The process of applying and getting a Working Capital loan at JSBL is very easy and fast with a flexible repayment period. So, take a look at the eligibility criteria for a Working Capital
Loan – 
1. Public or Private Limited Company
2. LLP
3. Partnership or Proprietorship Firm
4. Self Employed Professional
5. Self Employed Non-Professionals
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