Share Holders

JKSBL has shareholders of over 55000 with Share Capital of Rs. 55.21 crore. The business mix of the Bank is over 3,800 crore which clearly demonstrates the functioning of the Bank and the trust of its customers and public in general.
The Members Welfare Fund Scheme
It is effective from the financial year 2011- 12 is as under :
01. All ‘A’ Class Member who have completed 3 full years of Membership of the Bank as at the immediate previous year ended 31st March is automatically a Member of the Members’ Welfare Fund Scheme.
For example, to avail the benefits of the Scheme in the Financial Year 2011-12, the Member should have been admitted as Member on or before 31st March 2008.
02. In case of joint Members, only the first named Member is eligible.
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